IPL Photofacial

IPL Photofacial

IPL Photofacial in Santa Barbara, CA

If your skin looks tired, aged and photo damaged with sun spots, vessels and redness, you may be a good candidate for IPL Photofacial treatments. Dr. Keith Llewellyn offers AFT™ Photofacials, the next generation of IPL, for men and women in Santa Barbara, Solvang, Ventura, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, and the surrounding areas of California.

What is IPL Photofacial?

IPL Photofacial is a laser treatment that uses intense pulsed light to remove unwanted sun spots, vessels and redness on sun damaged skin. Our AFT™ Photofacial laser technology has improved upon older IPL therapies and produces better results with less risk of scarring and is more comfortable for the patient.

How Much Does IPL Photofacial Cost?

The cost of our IPL photofacial treatments will vary depending upon what areas we are treating and how many treatments will be necessary to address your concerns. We will provide a quote for you during  your consultation. We accept payment by cash and major credit cards, and you can learn more on our financing page.

What Are the Benefits of IPL Photofacial?

Sun damage on the face, neck, upper chest, arms, and hands can be greatly diminished in a single, short, relatively painless procedure. Rosacea can also be dramatically improved with AFT™ Photofacial light treatments.

Am I a Candidate for IPL Photofacial?

If sun damaged skin, brown spots, vessels, and redness are of concern to you and you do not want a lot of downtime, then AFT™ Photofacial laser treatments may be ideal for you. As we offer many laser technologies, we advise you schedule a consultation with us to discuss your concerns so that we may help you select the best laser technologies to address your specific concerns.

What Should I Expect from IPL Photofacial?

Please arrive for your appointment with a freshly washed face free of any lotions, moisturizers, or makeup. Avoid sun exposure prior to and after your treatments. We cannot laser skin that is darkly tanned.

Similar to IPL photofacial procedures, AFT™ Photofacial light treatments are relatively painless and are usually completed in 10 to 15 minutes.

Some aspects to note regarding what to expect after the treatment:

  • Your skin will feel warm to the touch and sting as though you have had a mild sunburn
  • You may also experience mild swelling—this is normal
  • The stinging sensation, as well as the pink/red color of the skin, usually begins after about 15 minutes and will last a few hours
  • Swelling usually subsides within 12 to 24 hours, but sometimes lasts longer
  • Sun spots could feel somewhat dry and rough and may appear darker in color. They usually flake off over the next seven days
  • You can wear makeup after the treatment, and we recommend a mineral-based foundation and that you avoid heavy foundations that must be rubbed on

There is no downtime with an AFT™ Photofacial treatment.

Written post-care instructions will be provided to you at the time of your treatment. You will need to protect your skin from the sun and avoid products that may irritate the skin. Gentle cleansers and moisturizers are recommended.

While results may be seen with a single treatment, optimal results are seen after a series of three to five treatments which are usually separated by an interval of three weeks.

If you are interested in IPL Photofacial treatments, learn about the advantages of AFT™ Photofacial technology. Aloe Dermatology offers this next generation of IPL Photofacial treatments for men and women in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Solvang, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, and the surrounding areas of California. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.